There is so much going on with my camera that sometimes I feel as though I will never stop reading.

So I own Nikon’s SB-600 speedlight. Today I learned to set it up to work wirelessly from the camera. Most photographers refer to this as operating the flash as a slave. Understand, as an African American I’m not too comfortable with using anything as a slave. Now I know that folks don’t mean anything by this, but the word still gives me the heeby-jeebies!

There is so much involved with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) that it was all I could do to set up the flash. Did I mention that Nikon’s manuals suck? Reading Nikon’s manuals is like reading pig-latin in the dark. So off to the internet I went. I found a website the speaks ‘idiot’, meaning it explained things to folks with a lower level of understand of things like myself.

Here’s what I found…AN IDIOT-PROOF SETUP!!!! Read Below.

Note! the SB-600 can not be setup as a master flash unit.

SB-600 setup
Press and hold the Zoom and the button, for approximately 2 seconds, to display the custom menu.

SB-600 custom menu
Using either the + or key, navigate to the wireless flash icon. when you see the icon press the mode or zoom button to change it to on. Then press the Zoom button and the button again(for approx 2 sec), to exit the custom menu.

SB-600 final
You can change the channel and/or group by pressing the mode key, then + or .

Done you’re SB-600 is now set up for remote wireless flash.


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