Barns, Ash Wednesday and a D90?

Hello, my name is Dee (**crowd screams, “HI DEE!”**), and I am obsessed with photographing barns and churches. My desire for dilapidated barns and stained glass is unquenchable. On Ash Wednesday, the congregation didn’t seem to move fast enough before I took out my D90 and and proceeded to snap pics using the Sigma 10-20. I was lying on my back when the priest came over and quite quizzically asked what I was up to. I felt ashamed. I mean really, who gets caught on the floor of a Catholic Church? More important, is who would want to?

And then there are the barn shenanigans. With children in tow, there’s nothing to prevent me from pulling over and taking pics of barns and other raggedy farm buildings. I simply cannot help myself. I saw the most amazing barn today and screamed in absolute horror when there was no place to pull my truck to safely take the shot. My children (quite embarrassed) and their friends simply smirked. I almost want to drive back. It would have been a really cool picture. The outbuilding had no windows or doors, and the the wood was gray from years of weather and………

Misery loves company. Anyone else here with a photography obsession?

**walks through the crowd and sits down**


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