Photography Class

So…… on Wednesday, March 11, 2009, I went to my first photography class. It’s a beginners’ class. Nikon cameras seem to rule but the Instructor is a Canon-Jockey. I’m not going to knock his brand or anything, but being the Nikon whore that I am, I couldn’t help but get a little annoyed with his constant “Canon was the first to have this technology” or “I’m not sure if Nikon has this, but….”

I didn’t really get much out of the first class. I left class with lots of questions. I think that the instructor is planning to teach from a Canon perspective and not from a photography perspective. In his PowerPoint presentation, he states that +/- EV changes exposure a full stop. This is not true with Nikon, as you have the ability to change EV by as little as 0.3 or even 0.5. In mentioning that EV changes exposure by a full stop, it became confusing when he didn’t mention that it doesn’t change aperture or Depth of Field….for new folks like myself, that could hella confusing!

Although a beginner’s class. There’s a chick that used to take photographs for a newspaper. She says it’s been a while, and that she needs a refresher. Umm, ok.

There’s an Italian chick in class who is concerned about her English. Hopefully, she will get over it. We are all there to speak/learn exposure.


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