Critique and Comment

So I’ve been at this photography thing for a few months and it has completely engulfed me. I wake early and start studying. I fall asleep at night studying. I’m starting to ‘get it’. I’ve been going to a lot of photography forums and I’m really starting to take interest in some of the photos that read, “C&C welcome” and really want to post, and don’t. Part of me feels like I haven’t been doing this long enough to write how I feel about someone’s photo, even while I understand the general concept of exposure. The other part of me simply wants to be free to say what I truly feel, “That’s an ugly picture,” or “What the hell were you thinking?” A lot of times, newbies (self included) have a tendency to want to mimic abstract art and will photograph something/anything hoping that someone will see more in what we’ve done than what we actually see. Truth is, that’s a good start. Take the picture. PLEASE, take the picture.

The goal with my photography is to go old school. I want my pictures to be less about photographic art and more about what comes out of my camera. What I mean is that I want my pictures to be about what comes out of my camera and less about what I can ‘create’ with the photos once they get to my computer. I’m not knocking post-processing or post-production or anything, but have you seen what happens when HDR gets into the ‘wrong’ hands?


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