Second Photography Class

Last night’s photography class did not teach me anything that I didn’t already know. It did, however, remind me of things that I had learned. The instructor spoke of exposure compensation, Depth of Field, The Rule of Thirds and many things composition related. In a nutshell, we discussed how to try to make a photo interesting. Nope! Nothing learned… but that’s a good thing. It means that everything that I have been reading and learning on my own has really been sticking to me. Kudos to me!

During class I took some time to skim through parts of my manual. The instructor is a Canon-jockey and I’m always looking for ways to show him that he’s wrong about Nikon. Canon DID NOT in fact invent the wheel. Nikon didn’t either……. but I prefer Nikon. I learned some things about my camera that I had forgotten. I knew that the camera has eleven focus points when looking through the viewfinder, but I had forgotten that I can focus exactly where I want when using the ‘live view’ option on back of the camera. It’s not that big of a deal, but good to remember. I was prompted to check into this when a kid in class wanted to know if there was a “camera out there” that would allow you to focus where ever you want, and not just on the focus points provided by the camera. It seems he purchased a lower end Canon and he only has four focus points. Oh well.

Although a Canon-jockey, I do like my instructor. I plan to ask him to allow me to ‘hang around’ with him. I’m sure I’ll learn something.


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