Making an effort, by taking a chance….

I frequent the website ProDSLR. The site was started by this dude named Gary. Gary started the website after he was booted from another site. I like Gary’s site. It isn’t saturated with folks that think that their opinion is the only one that matters. No one there is ‘so pro’ that they can’t share ideas and help out those of us new to the photograpy world. IF I like a photograph posted by another member, I’m free to say that I like it. IF I don’t like a photograph, I can say that, too.

When I first purchased my camera, my first stop was to ‘DPR’. Initially I liked the site, but was really desperate to learn something, anything about my camera. I’d hang out in DPR’s Beginner’s Forum for hours searching for information. Most of what I saw was pages of What camera should I purchase or What camera do you think is best for me type questions repeated to infinity. I made the mistake of asking why the exact same question was repeated VERBATIM over and over again. Well, they nailed me to a cross, poured gasoline on me and then set me on fire. Had I said one more word, they would have eaten my children. Oh well.

There are a lot of camera forums out there. I’m grateful for all of the information that they provide, but I sure as hell can do without all of the attitudes. Everyone thinks that he or she is a pro. Well, the concensus on the definition of being a ‘pro’ is that you take pictures for a fee. Yep. That’s all. Nothing about composition, or level of understanding. A friend wanted to pay me to take pictures of her son in his little league outfit. Would I be considered a ‘pro’ if I had taken the money? It would totally suck for the planet if MY level of understanding made me a ‘pro’ all because I earned $5.oo taking a picture.


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