Camera: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I don’t do drugs and have never tried them (seriously). I don’t smoke and have never smoked. I don’t even like smokers and think that they all reek. I drink socially. Technically communion is isn’t drinking, but I confess that I have wine every Sunday when the Priest offers it to me… so shoot me already. De vez en cuando I like to hablar espanol. I try to hablar en espanol con mi daughter cada dia y espero que she understands. Ok, I”m confusing you. It’s not a type-O you’re reading. I did that on purpose. I figured my good friend Tony Rabina would be reading.

So back to the topic at hand……Camera OCD. I can’t shake my obsession with my camera. Seriously, I wake up reading camera websites first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I’ve even taken my camera into the bedroom, but we won’t discuss that part of my obsession. I’m not sure why I feel as though I can become a great photographer through osmosis, but I won’t stop trying ;-).

So the new D5000 is upon us. My first thought was, “Heck, my camera is not even a year old and they’ve already come up with something else.” Oh well. I’ve read about it and I’m not moved.

I’m still enjoying photography books, but there’s nothing like getting the answers to questions that I didn’t think to answer. The internet is awesome.


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