Every day I ‘get it’ a little more

Yesterday, I ventured out to take pictures of a home that my clients are considering. Yes, I have a real job. I’m a Realtor. It was quite an experience. I learned quite a bit during my outing. The first thing i learned, is that Satan himself created the on-board flash. I mean just as I thought that I was taking some marvelous photos, I got them home and realized that I could see the shadow of the on-board flash. Perhaps I could have ‘PhotoShopped’ the shadows away, but that, of course, would have required me to learn PhotoShop and edit 144 pictures. Nah, it was easier to go back to the house and retake the photos.

Once I got back to the house, I really took my time. For the record, I was smart enough to realize that my Sigma 10-20 ultra-wide was the obvious choice for taking photographs of the interior of a home. It allowed me to capture an entire room/space. I also brought my SB-600 flash, but quickly realized, that increasing the ISO proved to be just what the doctor ordered. The home was well lit with both natural light and recessed lighting. Perhaps I maybe incorrect in my thought process, but I think that the SB-600 would have blown highlights.

My clients were pretty impressed with my photos. I was not as happy. The more photos I take the more I can tell the difference between a good photo and a lousy photo.


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