I need some motivation. I want to take some pictures of something, but simply do not know what I want to photograph. I’ve already taken a gazillion pictures of my daughter, and it seems she simply cannot get enough of the camera. If I walk near my camera bag she wants me to take a picture. I’m happy that she’s excited, but it gets a little stale. Well, wait a minute……… perhaps I should reconsider. Think of all the comedic material I’ll have to show her husband and my grandchildren when the time comes.

My boys aren’t that interested in having their pictures taken. They simply ignore me and chalk it up as “Mom’s being annoying again.” Oh well, they’re boys. Sadly, their friends feel the same.

I’m learning how to trespass without getting shot. When people see me on their property with my cool, fancy camera… it seems that they are less likely to shoot. This is unless, of course, I’m ‘working’ and they are angry about their foreclosure proceedings. Those are the days when photography is not so good.

I’ve got to get motivated. Perhaps tomorrow I will find some online photography challenges and assignments in which to participate. I need something to help me learn more.


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