Birds of a feather….

I have so many questions, and so few resources. Where do I go when I have questions? Ok, I know what you’re going to say, I can read some books or check a few websites, right? That doesn’t work all the time and I need to bounce questions off a live person. I’m quickly learning that photographers are like schools of fish. Goldfish stick with goldfish and the piranha stick with the piranha (or eat the goldfish). To clarify, photographers love associating with other photographers of the same skill level or level of understanding. I can’t say I blame them, (it’s just easier that way I guess). Naturally, I have a problem with this because I’m a little fish wanting to learn from the big fish. Quite honestly, I have nothing to learn from my fellow little fish and I’m kind of swimming around aimlessly.

Someone posted on a thread on flickr that they took a picture using a ND Grad. My first thought? What the heck is that and do I need to purchase one? Why would I want one? Why wouldn’t I want one?

The other thing that I’m finding is that many photographers view themselves as artists. Now that’s a completely different conversation! Artsy folks are, well… different. They only understand themselves and other self-proclaimed artists. Me? I’m just a chick with a camera looking for a good time.


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