LMTHA – Leave Me The Hell Alone!

What’s public and what’s considered private these days? That’s the debate, and I am referring to Street Photography. There are many thoughts on public privacy. The idea of it is actually an oxymoron. Can there really be public privacy? Street Photography in some circles is considered and art. I call it a reason for me to smack you. Walking down the street does not make it open season on my face.

Why do people insist on debating the issue? Many people question the ethics of Street Photography, others question the morality. Keep in mind that ethics has more to do with the law and morality with one’s personal thoughts of right versus wrong.

Why is it so difficult for some to understand that I want to be able to have a meal in a public place and not be photographed? Why do I loose the right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ because someone has a camera?

I’m bringing this up based on an experience I had today. A guy took a picture of me and thought he could just walk off. Well, I confronted him. I asked him why he had taken my picture and he responded that I was “Hot.” Not a good enough answer. I told him that if he didn’t delete the photo that I would force him to have me arrested for destruction of property and assault. Hell, as the only girl in a family of seven, I think I know a little bit about how to brawl. Yes, it was just that damn serious of an issue for me.


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