UGLY Pictures

Yes, there actually is such a thing as ugly pictures. I’ve been trying to explain this to my husband who thinks that my pictures are great. Being the loving, wonderful person that he is, he even wants to frame some of them and hang them on the wall. I cringe at the thought, but I know that he doesn’t know any better (poor guy).

Reading and studying photography the way that I have, has had a positive effect on my ‘vision’. I have learned to ‘See’. ‘Sight’ is an amazing thing. I can only liken it to a child’s first steps. It’s the expression that the child has on his/her face when the realize that they are mobile. It’s that mobility that makes them feel accomplished and that makes them want to run. Have you ever noticed that after a child takes his/her first steps that they immediately start to run even before mastering walking?

So I’ve decided to continue my ‘walk’ until I learn to ‘envision’. Envisioning is what I equate to running. Envisioning means that I will be able to predict my motions and have the foresight to plot my course. I will know the F-Stop, Shutter, Speed and Aperture to predict the end result or at least have a general idea of my photograph.

It’s funny how this all comes together. When learning photography, most of us point and shoot, and then hope for the best. I am getting ever closer to pointing and shooting, and planning for a positive outcome. I may not always get ‘the best’, but I at least I have a plan.


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