Wandering My Garden In The Dark

It’s been raining for almost two weeks and I wanted to take some pictures. Nikon’s D90 does not like water so I’ve been waiting until the rain subsides to take pictures. Unfortunately, this has been at night. In the past couple of days I have learned that taking pictures at night is a true testament of what you know and what you don’t know. Well, tonight I learned mostly about what I don’t know. Taking photos in the dark is all about TRIPOD, TRIPOD, TRIPOD!!!! Did I mention that you need a tripod? Oh, and you’ll also need a TRIPOD! A remote comes in handy, too. I’ve got Nikon’s handy-dandy ML-L3. It works like a charm and is the best $20 I’ve spent is quite some time……… Except for the really cute sandals I purchased last week, ……….oh and the belt.

The picture that I took tonight is part of my photostream. It’s an allium. There are some parts of the flower that are blown out, but oh well. I tried. Memo to self: Turn down ISO a little bit when there is lighting in the background.

I don’t want to seem like the blind leading the blind, but I would like to shamelessly plug Gorillapods! WooHoo! Pretty kewl invention. It’s nice to have a tripod that I can bend into whatever shape I need. Go out and get one folks! Use coupon code: SMUGMUG and get $10 off while it’s still being offered!


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