Yeah Baby! I Like It RAW!

How thought provoking! Such language! Raw? Really? Ooooh, yeah baby! I LOVE it Raw! And no, not my steak. I want my photos RAW! Well, NEF works just as well, too. RAW provides me with the opportunity to be the Mistress of Manipulation…the Pharisees of PhotoShop! Either way, I get to decide! Woo hoo!

Ok, so I’ll explain all the hoopla. Jpg format is like eating in the camera’s chow hall. What ever the camera’s serving that day, is what I’m having. RAW (NEF) is like going hunting, killing it, skinning it and cooking it however I want it! Yeehaw! ‘Seasoned’ (post-processed) just right I can have one helluva meal! I’m saying goodbye to my Mickey Ds jpg and hello to my own personal gourmet RAW.

This is really a big step. I’ll be converting final products to jpg after processing. Yes, it’s time to learn some new software. I’ve got quite a few options including my in-camera processing (thanks, Nikon). Just for good measure, I purchased another memory card. 8Gigs. RAW files are pretty big. The saving grace is that instead of having to dump my pictures on my laptop, now, all I have to do is switch cards. An heir and a spare.

Tony, if you’re reading this, it’s time for photoChop lessons. Yes, I meant, PhotoCHOP! LOL!


2 responses to “Yeah Baby! I Like It RAW!

  1. Figures you would like it RAW…I personally use Lightroom v.2.3, I never really needed all the features of Photoshop. Even though I have CS4 available, I don’t use it.RAW .nef files offer so much greater latitude for control it isn’t funny. JPG’s look like crap after you edit them, where RAW files come to life…

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