Whoops! Missed a Shot!

So yesterday I was driving home from a client’s house when I noticed the amazingly orange dusk sky. It was beautiful. It was especially appealing because my clients live in the mountains. The orange sky’s reflection on the hills was simply breathtaking. There were periods driving home where I could see the perfect roundness of the sun as it was filtered through the trees. Breathtaking, again.

As I was driving, and it began to get darker, I couldn’t help but notice the silhouette of a dairy farm to my left, as I was driving south. It seemed so perfect. I wanted to stop, but there was no place to do so safely. I kept driving. It bothered me so much, that I turned around and went back. I was determined that I was going to get it. I felt I needed it. I thought it was perfect. Upon turning around, I noticed again, that there was no where to safely pull over, and the shot had to be taken from across the road and there was no other way to capture what I saw. I became quite anxious.

I kept driving and had a sinking feeling in my stomach as I continued down the road. Perhaps I would find something else on my drive home? No. I missed yesterday’s opportunity to capture something wonderful. I have found that the best shots are taken at random, and when I am not on the hunt. It’s always better when ‘they’ find me.


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