The Golden Rule…..

He who has the gold, makes the rules. What happens when you get your own gold? Well, that presents a problem. How do you spend it? What do you do with it?

And what does this have to do with photography? Why, nothing. I’m simply trying to figure out a metaphoric way to draw positive correlation between my gear and my inability to properly use it **giggle**.

So tonight I went to my son’s cello concert. Armed with my family and 50mm f/1.8D it was off to the races! I like the idea of “zooming with my feet,” but had I gotten any closer the Sony ‘HandyCam’ parents would have slapped me senseless. I set my camera to Aperture Priority, followed by f/2.8 and snapped to my heart’s content. Shortly after, I changed the aperture to f/8 and then to f/11. I haven’t checked the photos yet. I’m a little nervous. Worst case scenario is that I have to do some post processing. The upside is that I would have to post-process anyways as I am now only shooting RAW. This is all becoming quite fun, but it’s still a little intimidating.


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