Chasing The Sun…

There are those moments when you know something wonderful is about to happen. The idea of the moment is sparked by a memory that you thought your mind had long forgotten. That moment for me is always the coming of orange skies. Orange skies have a mystical darkness that seems to call me. It’s the weirding way in which the light and dark intertwine creating the anti-extreme of colorful something. With orange skies, the light is light, but not light; the dark is not dark, but still pitch. It’s the marriage of something amazing, so thought provoking that the softness and mystery of it makes me want to capture it…and so I chase the sun. I follow it aimless until I find the very moment that I think that it will leave me and photograph the moment. I do this to add to my collection of memories; the orange skies. No orange sky is the same as another, but as a collective they represent a divinity that I will never be able to explain… and I think to myself, “GOD is simply amazing.

The image above represents the first time I captured Orange Skies, but not my first chase of the sun. I drove quite a distance for our ‘face off’. At just the right moment, I pulled over and captured a bit of the Orange Sky for myself. This picture is of our first, but definitely not the last.

I think that this is one of those instances where darkness prides itself on being dark… knowing that in most cases, people are walking towards the light.


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