Want some cheese with that WHINE?

I have come to the realization that the world is full of whiners and sociopaths. Where is this all coming from? Whiners. I am sick of the whiners on camera message boards. There seems to be a lot of complaining going on from people who frequent these boards regarding the terms and conditions of membership.

Let’s start with the whiners. “Board XYZ wants to retain the rights to my photos,” the whiner says. Why is this a problem for me that they are complaining about this? Well, prior to joining ‘Board XYZ’, Member X had to read and agree to the publicly posted terms and conditions. Member X reads AND is aware of the terms and conditions, part of which indicates that photos posted on the board become can and will be used by the board owners. Member X agrees to these terms and then wants to complain about the rules AS IF they were forced to join the board. Does it really make sense to agree to the terms and conditions of a board only to later complain about the rules once you’ve gained access? Are they serious? Actually, they are very serious.

Then there’s the sociopaths. “Family dog pictures for C&C,” says sociopath Member X. Member Y then comments on the photos and says, “Blown highlights, piss-poor exposure, a blurry mess.” Member X gets pissed. Anything short of reading, “You’re a wonderful photographer,” is going to cause Member X pain. What ever…….. if it’s a lousy shot, it’s a lousy shot. Don’t post a lousy shot and expect someone to call it great (especially when you know it’s a lousy shot but are seeking positive validation).

Let’s just be straight about something. I too, am not without flaw. I consistantly frequent what used to be a camera forum knowing what the rules are and verbally flog it’s owner. The rules of the board are simple. Say what you feel, but don’t abuse other members. Yes, those are the rules. The owner of the board says what ever is on his mind. There are times when I feel like his lack of social responsibility with regards to his public message board are lacking. He posts more porn and guns than photos. So the question is, why do I stay? If it’s so awful, I can simply walk away. Who’s whining now?

When you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. I need to take my own advice… or perhaps my mothers: “Sh*t or get off the pot.”


3 responses to “Want some cheese with that WHINE?

  1. That is the only reason I stay, where else can you get good advice, porn and gun info all in one spot?Personally I think the owner needs his own blog so he can leave the camera stuff to us dedicated shooters…

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