Shutter Speed

I took this photo yesterday. I’m posting it because I’m proud of myself. I managed to accomplish what I set out to do. And what was that? Well, I wanted to gain a better understanding of shutter speed. I saw a picture some time ago of water falling over rocks and the water looked almost creamy. I thought, “Wow, how in the world did they do that?” Someone told me that they slowed the shutter speed. I thought that the whole idea of it was simply amazing. This of course, was many months ago. Since then, what I’ve been learning slowly, but surely, how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

When I first started shooting, I convinced myself that if I shot using anything other the Manual setting, that I was cheating. Well, right now I’d like to publicly apologize to all of the more experienced Photographers out there, for my crass thoughts. Saying that a newbie should shoot manual is the equivalent of saying, “Hmmm, I think I’ll try brain surgery today now that I’ve read the book.” In my mind, anything other than setting the camera Manually, was cheating. I know this sounds crazy, but when you’re learning, you immediately want to earn respect in a field where you have no credibility….you desperately want to be able to apply all of the things that other people have told you to read. Sadly, it doesn’t quite work that way. Not even a little.

Yesterday, when I took the photo above, my only thought was about slowing the water. I didn’t think about the rest of the photo at all. If the everything else in the photo had come out crappy, but the water had the effect that I wanted to achieve, I’d still be happy.

I’ve hit a couple of learning milestones this month with my photography. The modes on my dial are a little less menacing to me. I’m starting to gain a better understanding of what I’m doing. I didn’t understand Aperture Priority until I purchased my 50mm f/1.8. I didn’t have a firm grasp of shutter speed until I had need to manipulate it. The Adobe LightRoom tutorials that I’m finding are spectacular.

It’s all coming together now.

What’s next? The Brown truck cometh! Kenko extension tubes. Boy! Are we gonna have a good time!


2 responses to “Shutter Speed

  1. You need a decent tripod! Especially with the tubes. Use what you have until you can get what you want. You will be pleasantly surprised!Also, a cable release or remote will help too.Good luck!

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