The Eyes DON’T Have It.

Ok, so there’s nothing exciting about this image. I posted it simply to make a point. While tinkering it in LightRoom, I became aware of just how much the camera can actually see. When I was shooting this photograph, I never saw the stars. Upon uploading the picture to my computer, I became aware of them. Initially I thought that they were ‘hot pixels’. Nope. Just stars. It is truly amazing to me how much the camera can actually ‘see’. It puts a whole new spin on the saying, “If you blink, you missed it.”

While out yesterday, I took a picture of an old building. Once I loaded the photo on the computer, again, I became aware of what the camera can actually see and was again, astounded. When I would zoom into the photo, I see what was in the windows. I could see the chipped paint on the door hinges, and a light hanging from the ceiling. I didn’t notice these things when I was taking the picture.

The more I learn, the more excited I get.


3 responses to “The Eyes DON’T Have It.

  1. Isn't it great to see things in pictures you didn't notice when you took the shot? Pretty amazing to see how much detail can be resolved with current camera technology 🙂

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