More than bodies and lenses

Photography has been more than a new hobby or obsession. It has become a cultivation of mental travels and cultivation of friendships. In my heart, photography has taken me to England via Spain, Canada, Georgia, Arizona, California and a few other places. I was met with a bit of adversary in Nebraska, but they were ‘kind‘ enough to offer me ‘fried chicken and watermelon’ as a token of their affections.

For me, photography is not about politics, the president, war, peace, love, hate, like or dislike, guns or even rape. It has been about friendships. Photography epitomizes the garden of light that we all can grow together. It’s about fun and interpretation. It’s about celebrating something so wonderful that we can all take a turn and be heard at the same time.

I’ve grown quite a bit during my travels. I’ve learned to digitally scrapbook in Arizona. That seems to be the thing over there. I’ve learned to make clouds smile and anger them while in England. The clouds seem happiest in England. I’ll blame the happy children there for that. Canada is where the party is! Folks truly Nikon friendly there. Must be something in the water. Did I mention it’s cold as heck in Canada? Sheeesh, they even sail in cold weather there. Folks in Georgia really know how to put a smile on a gal’s face. They do loads for my self esteem. They’re watching and ‘minding the store’ even when you don’t know they’re there. Gotta love those southern folks…they share everthing. This is to include those heart-felt moments that really make you feel like you’re a part of the family.

My travels will not stop, even when someone wants to stop the bus. I’m having way too much fun. A tire may go flat every now and then, but the love keeps moving on. There’s a whole lot more to photography than bodies and lenses. A WHOLE lot more.


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