Mistakes Us Newbies Make……..

Newbies to photography never want to take any risk. Hello, my name is Dee, I am a ‘newbie’ and I AM qualified to make the aforementioned statement.

Here’s the problem. Most of us want the results that the pros get, but we don’t want to have to spend the same money. Methinks we’ve forgotten that when the photographs you take have to pay the mortgage and feed the children, you take your craft a bit more seriously. Hence, Professional Photographers will, and are ALWAYS willing to spend more money on equipment to help perfect their craft. If you’re a newbie, you probably haven’t gotten to the point where you have even decided what you want to do with photography. You just know that you want to take pictures.

Let’s talk about how we don’t really like taking the advice that Pros give us, EVEN AFTER WE HAVE ASKED FOR ASSISTANCE. We’ll start with tripods. I purchased my tripod from BestBuy. The brand is Dynex ($35US). Well today, I threw that POS in the trash. Why? Because today I started experiment with my Sigma 70-300. Not making any sense yet? Well, the ‘Siggy’ weighs as much as my daughter and she’s TWO!!! Thankfully, because I KNOW my tripod is cheap, I had the strap around my neck while the camera was sitting on the tripod. Since I’m sure you know where I’m going with this story, I’m sure that you also know that I have a date with Manfrotto. End of story.

Lenses: They cost MONEY.

Bags: They cost MONEY.

Gear: It costs MONEY.


2 responses to “Mistakes Us Newbies Make……..

  1. Just about everything about photography cost money.Even thinking about it costs money….cause you know, whatever you think you need, you will end up getting it.

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