Blame Canada!

Today I was joking on my FAVORITE photography forum, when some posted something that truly made me think about what I was doing at the forum and the value that I may or may not be adding. The poster said:

I am of the firm opinion that a post such as

shouldn’t count as a post.

Come on you Post-Whores, write something significant.

Give an opinion, post a writeup concerning some photographic technique, give a reasoned photo critique, tell us about yourself (as a photogapher or other), tell us how you did it, tell us what you really think, etc

He may or may not have been joking, but I took away something positive from what he said, and reminded myself that although photography is fun, and I’m making some great new friends, I cannot loose site of the goal and the reason that I purchased my camera. I am grateful for the reminder.

I’m learning a lot in Canada. The people are kind, fun and friendly. The photographers that I have come to refer to as my friends produce great photos for me to study. They may not know this, but I’m learning a lot by ‘watching’ them.

The lens information that I’m picking up in Canada is great! I think that after I get my 70-200 f/2.8 I’ll be able to slow down a bit and focus less on my tool acquisition and more on my next big venture: LIGHT!

I’m slowly getting there with understanding light. I think that it’s fair to say that I’ve spent most of this first camera year learning Camera Language, Photographer Personalities, Purpose and Composition. My Camera Vision has gotten better as a result. So yes, the next step, and hopefully it won’t take an entire year, will be LIGHT!


One response to “Blame Canada!

  1. Dee, I am pretty sure that he was joking, although he has got a point.I look at a picture, and I get all the info I need out of it, I study the image, the composition, what the picture "tells" me, and then I say "great picture"….that is it!Maybe I forget, the idea of posting the image in the first place is to get a detailed opinion..Good Luck with your work Dee

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