Canadian Drug Lords

Be mindful of the Canadian drug lords. They are some of the biggest pushers of all things Nikon on the planet. They give you a sample, then you’re hooked! Yep. Instant NAS (Nikon Acquisition Syndrome). It’s in the air up there, ya know? They even give it to the kids. Got folks up there randomly talking about ISO likes it’s ok. Mmm hmm. They’re passing around NAS and folks are taking to it like its kool-aid.

I’ve never been the experimenting type. You know….one of those people that tries things for the first time? Nope, not even in college, where everyone has a story. Nope. I’ve always been straight-laced and walked a fine line. **shaking my head**

Something has happened. I don’t know when it started, or how I got to this point. About a year ago, me (the non-experimenting type) started to dabble in photography. Sure, I had my trusted ‘point and shoot’ Nikon L12, but something came over me. I wanted a real camera and purchased Nikon’s D90. I liked the D60, didn’t want to spend the money on the D300, so I went for the D90. A few months and a couple of kewl photos later, all hell has broken loose. I want more Nikon. I don’t know why. I just want it and can’t fight the urge. Sad truth is, no one is leading me back down the path of righteousness and frugality. Every one seems to understand my urges and are companioning themselves to my gear lust. A higher power is calling me.

Lest the Canadians and their skullduggerous ways……. they hath introduceth me, unto the folds of Nikon’s D700, and it claimeth me as mine Lord. Translation: I just put all my shit on craigslist and I want that fucking camera.

Be gone, 18-105mm VR, 55-200mm VR, Sigma 70-300 DG Macro, and Sigma 10-20mm….. I no longer needeth thee.

I reckon I’ll keep the nifty-fifty and continue working the pole to get the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR.


2 responses to “Canadian Drug Lords

  1. Good idea Dee….blame the canadians.They forced you into it, without you even knowing it.Crafty people, yes Sir they are.Me, on the other hand?They can't get me…I live on the other side.The other side of the planet and the other side of the camera market.You are getting really good Dee, and it's a pleasure seeing you doing it.

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