I Drank the Kool-Aid……

and I liked it! You guessed it. I purchased the D700. Boy, talk about an agonizing ordeal! I went looking for people to talk me out of it and no one would do it! Can you believe this?

So I go down to my favorite camera shop and talk to Sue. Sue is known for her camera smarts, intelligence and non-salesman-like attitude. I KNEW that she would save me. I told her that I was planning to purchase the D700 FULLY EXPECTING her to say, “No, Dee…. you haven’t maxed out the D90 yet.” Nope. She said, “I think you should do it. If I were you, I’d do it.” I darn near pissed myself as Sue was my last hope. I only needed ONE person to justify my hesitation. Not a soul. NOT EVEN MY HUSBAND. Can you believe that one? As a matter of fact, he egged me on. Insisted, even.

Someone’s going to read this and think, “The D90 is a phenomenal camera, why did you change? Couldn’t you have simply purchased better glass?” Three reasons: 1.) Have you seen what that camera can do in the dark? The ISO is off the hook! 2.) It has the D3’s sensor. Can I also mention that my children’s sports teams gave me a job taking pictures?

It was better to get out now while I could still get ‘some’ money for the D90. Why the agony? Well, to be completely honest……I’m cheap. I can’t shop without coupons so purchasing a D700 required me to take a Valium prior to ordering it. Saying that my husband darn near forced me to make the call to Adorama is closer to the truth than you know. I so hate spending money that the very idea of the camera’s price started to make me ill. Just in case you’re wondering, yes, I can afford it. No it won’t affect my husband’s ability to pay the mortgage. Again, I’m just cheap.

Ok, here’s the $60 million dollar question: Can I tell the difference? You’d better freaking believe it! I can zoom into a picture for what seems like forever with startling details! Shucks, I didn’t know until yesterday that my two year-old daughter had nose hair!

Overall, I’m satisfied. Damn Canadians!


One response to “I Drank the Kool-Aid……

  1. So now you are a school sports photographer?Congratulations Dee, I am proud of you…And if you can afford a nice Mercedes, why would you drive a Toyota?

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