Way up in the sky little lamb, do you see what I see?

I’m learning. It’s an uphill battle and a lot of fun, but a battle none-the-less. There is still quite a bit to learn. I’m still working on composition and slowly making the transition to light.

In this episode of ‘Dee’s Learning to Take Pictures’, we’ll focus on comment and critique. There’s an old saying, “How can a billion Chinese be wrong?” Well, they forgot to add, “How often do a billion Chinese agree?” Different people see different things. I’ve learned to take comment and critique with a grain of salt. What my eyes saw and how my camera translated those thoughts will not be what most people see when I present a photo for commentary. All photos are open for interpretation and many times we must agree to disagree. I am reminded of this as there is a particular photographer who intensely grains his photos. His photos are not my bottle of beer, but I can’t help but giggle when disagrees with the style of another photographer. Hell, it down right baffles me, but to each his own.

I see pictures everywhere. It’s quite distracting…. hard to focus. Some days I feel like I have Attention Deficit Disorder. I can’t be seen without my camera. I can’t leave the house without my camera. I must always have it with me. I sit it in the carseat when my daughter isn’t with me.

So right now I’m reading ‘Nikon D700 Digital Field Guide’ by J. Dennis Thomas. Glad I picked it up. It makes sense of the manual. Lord knows you get “just the facts ma’am” from manual and calling customer support is worthless. Overall, the camera makes me happy.


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