Cream of the Crop?

Boy, I tell ya! When someone turns on the light to a dark roach-infested room, they scatter! I know, I know. This is a crazy way to start a post, but this is best way to describe the feeling I got when I attached my Sigma 10-20 to my D700 last week. It was almost as if someone had stolen a portion of my picture.

As a newbie, I purchased a D90 and it has an APS-C (DX) format. As I climbed the educational scale, I rewarded myself with a D700 and it has a Full-Frame (FX) format. The fights on various websites persist even at this very moment regarding Crop Factors and which is better. So what does this have to do with anything? Well, when your first experience with DSLRs is with DX format and then you move to FX format, something changes. It’s like a quickening. I’d read so much about the differences between DX & FX, but to be completely honest, I couldn’t ‘see‘ what all the hubbub was about….. well, until last Friday. My 50 mm f/1.8 gave the same results on my D90 as it did on my D700. The ‘stolen’ portion of my Sigma 10-20 photos is what made me see the light.

Take a look at the photo below. On an APS-C format, I’d get the whole room with teh Sigma 10-20. The photo below represents the Sigma 10-20 on full frame. Darn shame, eh? Time for the 12-24.

So what does this all mean? I have to spend more money. When I sold all my old lenses, I specifically saved the 10-20 because I didn’t quite ‘get it’. What a shocker! I ‘get it’ now and it’s painfully obvious that I’m going to have to start rolling pennies to get the lenses that I need.


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