Rushing Greatness………..

Are you kidding me? You can’t rush greatness. You can’t rush goodness, and rushing mediocre only makes a mess. In short, there’s no point in rushing if the expectation of an evenl slightly reasonable result is expected. Just hold your horses.

If you’re wondering if this post is going somewhere, the answer is, “Yes.” Well, maybe kinda sorta going somewhere. I reckon it depends on who you are, and whether or not you’ve made the mistakes that I’ve made.

I’ve been a little lazy. If you’re gonna be a photographer, you can’t be even a little lazy. Anything less than engaged simply makes you someone with a camera. If you’re a person with a camera, and that camera JUST so happens to be a D700, then you’re just an idiot. Today, I admit to being an idiot……..but just today. Tomorrow is a different day.

Today I really wanted to take some pictures. Being the uber-wife that I am, I decided to give my husband some ‘man time’ and take our youngest out with me today. Dumb idea. I took her because I was in a RUSH to try my new Tamron 28-75 f/2.8. I’ve had it a couple of days and really wanted to get some grabs to post as samples. I was also suffering from cabin fever. I drove over to the river on this gloriously overcast day, opened the window of my truck and fired away.

When I uploaded the pictures to my computer, the photos were nothing short of dreadful. Who takes photos on a bright gray day at ISO 3200? Well, idiots do. Specifically, idiots who are rushing. Futher, idiots who are rushing, and treating their great piece of equipment like a P&S. What a waste of gas.

And what is the punishment for my indescretion? A full week of manual shooting should teach me a lesson. Nope, no Aperture, Shutter Speed or Program Modes (not that I use Program mode anyways).

Did you read the part where I said that my pictures were dreadful? There’s no fixing them.


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