My Tony is Back!

Ok, so I’m really hoping that the wife of the guy that owns the company that stole Tony’s internet connection, breaks a fingernail. Tony’s been internet-free for a while and I’ve missed him. Trying to learn ‘layers’ without him last week was nothing short of frightful. Why? Well, because I don’t speak Photoshop….specifically, the layers dialect. I’m glad he’s back, not just for his Photoshop mastery, but I also missed his positive reinforcement of my photography development. He’s always been great with the encouragement.

I also miss Kayne. He’s super kewl, too. Life has happened to him, as it does with all of us, but just in a way that makes you appreciate your time here on this planet. Well wishes to you, my friend.

Onward. Today I’m swamped with kids. I often wonder why the school system here gives the teachers days off during the week on top of their weekends off. My plan for today is AGAIN, to attempt to go out and practice using my new lenses. I’ll be doing this with my kids and some kids of a few other parents. Thank GOODNESS for SUVs.


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