Kicking Family to the Curb….

Am I really wrong for wanting some quality time with my camera? I mean, it’s not like I’m sleeping with it or anything (yet). I just want so spend some one on one time getting to know it a little better. Perhaps a nice quiet dinner or a stroll in the park with it, ALONE, would make me feel better. I would even like for ‘us’ to attend church. I mean, I don’t need to take a hot shower with it and have it wash my back or anything. I just want to be alone with it.

It never fails that everytime I want to hang out with the camera, life happens. Clients start calling…kids start whining… the dog needs to walked. By no stretch am I complaining about my life, I’m just saying that I want some alone time with my camera.

I get alone time with my daughter, who’s three, and I am starting to realize that she wants to have time with the camera, too. She’s always wanting sit next to the camera or find an excuse for the camera to take her picture. Secretly, I think she wants ‘in’ on the relatioship. I’m not quite sure that this is something that I want to share. I’ve given her a camera of her very own, but for some reason, she continues to pursue a relationship with MY camera.

My boys only want sporadic visitation with the camera. They want it to attend school functions and be there when they need it most. I think I’m ok with that kind of relationship and won’t have to be concerned with even the most remote possibility of any indecent liberties.

Thankfully, my husband has no interest in my camera. He’s quite faithful to his P&S Oly.

Such is life. I don’t want to share.


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