People with Cameras

Photographers are due some measure of respect that is long overdue. Having a camera does not make you anymore a Photographer than dispensing cough medicine to my husband makes me a nurse or doctor.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the number of people running around calling themselves a Photographer. I believe that I’ve ranted about this before. Today I was on a website that I frequent a and one of the soon to married chicks posted her engagement photos. Insert VOMIT >>HERE<<. It's almost as if the couple ordered from the menu of bad photography: "We'd like to order the poor composition, with a side of blown highlights and incorrect white-balance please."

Yes, I admit that the pictures posted were pretty bad. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to share with folks everything that I’ve learned. Red pill or green? Well, let’s just say that some would rather slumber.

I’m not the greatest photographer ever. Hell, I’m not quite a photographer. I’m simply a chick with an expensive camera and darn good sense. There ain’t no way in three burning hades that I would charge money for what I’m doing at my level. Oh well. This is America. People will charge for anything… even if it’s a pile of shit.


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