Oh No He Didn’t!!!!!

Ok, so it’s been an eventful day. Today I volunteered to shoot a birthday party for an Indian family. Aside from the cultural child-rearing differences, I had a ball. The families were quite hospitable, they insist on feeding you and it was a warm and loving environment. I didn’t expect anything different.

The family found me on the internet, while looking for a clown. They couldn’t believe that I’d take photos of their event free of charge. I gave them three hours coverage and I got just as much out of it as they did.

Now here’s where things got a bit weird. While it’s not unusual that there will be someone else at the same venue with a camera, it’s QUITE unusual to have them follow you around and attempt to make the same shots! For every one shot he’d attempt, I’d fire off three and it really started to get annoying. I didn’t expect to be the ‘only’ gig in town, but I did expect to be able to do my own thang and I don’t recall requesting a second-shooter. The dude had gone rogue and copycat all in the same breath!


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