My Big ‘Fat’ Street Photography

I love Street Photography anything remotely close to what I consider hyper-photojournalism. It’s fun. It’s amazing. It’s anti-everything that people hate about themselves. I recently posted some of the street shots that I captured at the county fair. Whew! Talk about folks getting upset! The photos that got the most attention, were of very large women standing in line at various concession stands. Those photos hit a nerve.

Personally, I find a photo of an overweight person standing in the ‘fried Oreos’ line very amusing. Why are people getting offended, as if I had done something wrong? This was not an expose on ‘Obese Americans’, I took photos of situations that amused me.

At what point did ‘fat’ become a protected class? Is the expectation that ‘Street’ photography exclude fat people and only capture thinner people? Wouldn’t that be an act of discrimination? I digress.