Walking into the light….

Yeah, well…..obviously I’m getting ready to do the flash thingy. Yeppers. I’ve got a couple of speedlights (SB-900 and SB-600) and I think I’m ready to take on the world. Ok, well…. maybe not.

I’m reading Hot Shoe Diaries, Nikon CLS Digital Field Guide and Understanding Exposure all at once. My husband thinks I’m studying for the final exam of Photography Lala Land. It kinda feels like it too. This lighting thing is no JOKE!

Thanks to Hugh Toward over at http://www.cameracard.ca for being my guide and making plain English out of what I’m reading. This stuff can be complicated, but having Hugh is making all the difference in the world. Besides… who else can say that their Jedi-Light Master tutors them from Canada, eh?!! Hugh rocks! By the way, if you’re looking for stuff… Hugh sells camera stuff!