I simply couldn’t do it…

I haven’t managed to leave the house without my camera in YEARS. No, I’m not exaggerating. I just can’t do it. Try as I may, I simply cannot shake the feeling that I may ‘miss’ something. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

I’ve tried to justify leaving my camera at home with such as excuses as, “My iPhone has a pretty decent camera,” or, “I’m only going to the grocery store, It’s only around the corner.” Again, I can’t do it. Truth is, you can’t really plan every aspect of your life. Sometimes, life takes on a life of its own. Take a look at this photo.imagine that such a  No one would ever imagine that such a building exists. I would never be able to explain the architecture in such a way that would provide for a Google search. Perhaps I could say, “Hey, I saw the strangest building ever!” Of course, that statement is not quite as impactful as the photo. While my iPhone is great stand-by when I can’t get to my Nikon, just know that I prefer to have the option of having my Nikon.