I Love Autumn


I love Autumn. The various shades of orange, red and green excite me and make me want to pull out my box of sweaters. I took this picture one morning after leaving my daughter’s school. Thank goodness for the camera on my iPhone as I’m not always able to unload my gear and give it a go. I’ll admit, however, that on this day, not only did I pull over and indulge in a little instant gratification with my iPhone, my D700 seemed to jump out of the bag and snag a few shots, too.

It costs how much????

Upon hearing the rates that some photographers charge, many people want to faint. It’s ok. I get it. Many go into shock because they simply do not understand what is involved with ‘making’ a picture. Note the distinction between ‘making’ a picture and ‘taking’ a picture. There is actually a difference.

If you are only interested in what comes out of the camera without all the hubbub, don’t hire a photographer. Get yourself a really ‘kewl’ digital camera with a timer and snap until your heart’s content. Set the timer, stand in front of the camera and have at it! Cost effective, no? Creative? Nope! Inexpensive? Perhaps.

People complain about the price of photography because they think that the photos that they see came out of the camera that way. Nothing could be further from the truth. Shooting in ‘RAW’ format is a game changer. Shooting ‘RAW’ requires post-processing. Post-processing can be very time consuming. Processing one RAW photo can actually take an hour or more sometimes!

I’ve often wondered if it would make a difference if Photographers did a better job of explaining the details of the service that they provide. Ultimately, I decided in the negative. People are looking for a deal.