Where’s your stuff?

I was recently asked by a client, “Where’s your stuff? I checked your website and your Facebook page and neither had been updated with your recent stuff. Where’s your Fifty-Shades shoot?” The client was right. I have not been staying on top of my social media advertising. Maybe it’s a good thing since I’ve been so busy. Everything with me has been word of mouth and the word on the street must be pretty darn good. Besides, the client hasn’t even read “Fifty Shades.” If she had, she would already understand why those photos aren’t posted and can’t be posted… But here’s a teaser…



Take time for the flowers


I love gladiolus. This picture was the calm to my storm this week. I’ve been very busy and life had taken over. This picture reminds me of the little things that I often overlook as it was taken in my front yard.