Where’s your stuff?

I was recently asked by a client, “Where’s your stuff? I checked your website and your Facebook page and neither had been updated with your recent stuff. Where’s your Fifty-Shades shoot?” The client was right. I have not been staying on top of my social media advertising. Maybe it’s a good thing since I’ve been so busy. Everything with me has been word of mouth and the word on the street must be pretty darn good. Besides, the client hasn’t even read “Fifty Shades.” If she had, she would already understand why those photos aren’t posted and can’t be posted… But here’s a teaser…


Because I’m a fan…

Tweeter Kelby

Remember the scene in the movie “Gladiator” when Maximus says to Proximo, “You knew Marcus Aurelius?” Proximo responded, “I didn’t say that I knew him! I said that he touched me once!” Ok, so you know where this is going right? What’s greater than one of your idols actually taking a moment to respond to a tweet? I’m a HUGE Kelby fan. I own his books, I follow his blogs, he’s got a great team behind him and yeah… I’m a bit giddy about getting a response not just because I’m a fan, but because he’s got a GAZILLION fans who are smiling big old Joker from Batman smiles just like I am every time he takes the time to acknowledge a fan.

A moment in time…

…taken with my iPhone

This is a photo of a project that I finished with my husband. I found the idea on Pinterest and have no idea why the thought of trailing my family’s photos down a wall never occurred to me. My husband handled the hammer and nails, and I only needed to tell him where I wanted him to hang the frames. Once the frames were mounted, I selected the photos in which to fill the frames. Simple enough, right? Wrong. It was one of the most tasking emotional experiences that I’ve had since my husband and I decided to make a life together. Photos have a way of taking you right back to a moment in a way that the memory simply cannot perfect. I cried as I selected my photos. The photos date back to when my husband and I were dating, include the birth of our daughter and various family Christmases. I can now relive the amazing life that I have built with my family everytime I walk down the stairs.

Purchasing a camera is probably one of the best decisions that I have ever made. A camera doesn’t just capture the happiest moments of your life. It reminds you of how blessed you are even when you’ve forgotten to be thankful for you life.